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Postby Moscow_Wolf » Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:55 pm

dcbg wrote:Hi all.
Will be installing a simple heating system this summer. Wood burner with back boiler to 4 rads only. The hot water for shower and kitchen will be via a seperate electric boiler. This is to make it as simple as poss for me, as plumbing is my area of least knowledge, plus we wont need the burner on in the summer.
Could someone tell me what I need to operate a back up system to the central heating pump? (apart from a good car battery) and how it would be wired.? As I want to buy all the materials from the uk before we go.
p.s sorry to hijack this thread but the mod told me to, :(

I'd be grateful for some answers to this also. I have a wood burning stove that heats my hot water and underfloor heating. It is linked into a system that also has solar panels for hot water and an immersion heater for hot water if neither of the other two options are not available.

I also have a UPS battery system, BUT it does not power the hot water that is being generated from my wood burning stove. My Heating Engineer tells me that a battery UPS is not powerful enough to do this!!!

Now, my problem was/is this. You light your wood burning stove, you regulate the air intake and outlet flues to maintain a temperature on the gauge of between 60-70 degrees. THEN, EVN cuts the electricity and the system BOILS. I had to douse the stove with water, but by this time, the plastic water pipe had split and antifreeze was pouring out of the broken water pipe. :(

I was able to close all the other underfloor heating pipes off and close everything down, (I have more pumps than you could imagine), until the Heating Engineer could come the next day. THEN, of course he tells me that if the Electricity goes then, I have a problem. I do have a back-up generator which I have yet to use, but, it does mean that I cannot risk having the wood burning stove stacked when I am not at home or, even asleep as EVN are cutting the power at least 2-3 times per month and, if as happened in my village, some scum steal your mains cable, you're 8 hours or more without electricity.

Too many other things to concern myself about now that spring is here, but eventually, I must get my head around this heating system and find away to build in some automatic pressure release valve, A simple hot water rises, heats everything in its path with an expansion tank if the pressure gets too much, was/is far easier for me to understand than what I have now, but, it is just a matter of learning and understanding it all, which is not so easy over here.

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Postby croxleydog » Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:24 pm

Hi Moscow-wolf,
I dont bother with this forum much,too much c--p but after the boat race i was a little bored and finger trouble found your query.A c/h ups will have only one mains input and an additional battery input/output.When the battery input is not needed, the pump will run from the mains through the UPS and also recharge the battery as required.Just ensure the output from the inverter is sufficient to run the c/h pump.About the same as a swimming pool pump or a 60watt bulb.The larger the capacity of the battery will dictate how long the backup is.Dont claim to know much,but after 5years with underfloor heating and five big rads have had no problems.My UPS is made by Intiel and widely available here.

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Postby haddockman » Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:21 pm

I would recommend using a truck or tractor battery in your UPS as the batteries that come with a standard UPS will not give you enough running time in the event of a power failure.

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