Snails v Worms v ?

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Snails v Worms v ?

Postby balkankiwi » Tue May 10, 2011 12:23 pm

Hi there,

With the ongoing economic crisis and all, I've been thinking about what I could do - realistically (meaning in a financial sense) - with my lake-front land, or part of it. The projected villa development is not going to happen any time soon - possibly not this century - and meantime I have 17 decares sitting there doing burger-all (it wouldn't let me say "b**ger").

I'd be interested in people's views about what could be done with such land in this day and age. It's zoned agricultural 6 and has an electricity and water supply (as to the latter, it's sat next to Bulgaria's fourth largest reservoir). Currently unused pasture (well, excluding the locals who help themselves for animal fodder each year).

My thoughts - and researches - have traversed snails and worms, amongst other possibilities. I know there's a snail thread running (or slithering, perhaps) elsewhere but I thought to start this snail versus worm versus ? thread to see if you good folks out there have any bright/useful ideas.

Some initial comments -

Snails - a lot of people talking, and some doing, these past 3-4 years. Not rocket-science. Relatively low sunk investment cost. End market primarily export - France, Italy - so producer (I assume) captive to Bulgarian/foreign middlemen. ROI (payback period) - I have no idea.

Worms - catching up on snails ( :) ) in people's minds, again doable for relatively low investment. Though I've seen large-scale commercial operations (eg, in Austria) which call for significant upfront investment but produce very high yields of worm poo. End market perhaps a mix of export and domestic - vermipost (ie, worm poo) highly regarded as an effective, eco-friendly fertiliser and soil tonic. But again, I presently have no clear feel for profitability.

Other - traditional cash crops (eg, spuds) - relatively low investment but low return; or perennial crops - berries, lavender etc - high upfront cost and lengthy payback (3-4 yrs minimum). Solar energy - very high upfront cost. Rural tourism - eg, fishing/sport fishing - the lake is swimming with carp and others.

Anyways, as I said, your thoughts gratefully received!


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Postby steven1404 » Tue May 10, 2011 12:45 pm

i know that there is a guy who lives in chirpan and he has a worm farm you may like to pay him a visit and ask him about costs etc and who he sells his worms to

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