Forest land

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Forest land

Postby gibbss85 » Wed Feb 08, 2017 8:09 pm


I am after some advice please (apologies for any silly questions, I am a newbie). My boyfriend and I would like a change of lifestyle and want to live off grid and be self sufficient. We are looking for some forest land in Bulgaria, and have found a couple of suitable plots with water access etc. However we've had conflicting advice from estate agents and lawyers about whether as foreigners (from the UK) we can buy forest land as it seems to be classed the same as agriculture land. We don't want to build a proper house just a temporary structure (think wooden hut style) and don't need accesss to electricity etc.

I don't suppose anyone has any experience in this?

Any advice much appreciated :)


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Re: Forest land

Postby Mat » Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:52 pm

When Bulgaria joined the EU it made an exemption for foreigners buying agricultural land for seven years. This time has now passed and whilst non-EU citizens are not allowed to buy agricultural land, citizens of the EU are ( ... garia.html)

Of course, being British this will not last long for you, so I would suggest that if you're going to do it you do it soon.

That said, you will not be able to build anything other than a very rudimentary structure without planning permission and land regulation. Even if you're not on the grid and don't have foundations etc you will still be deemed to be 'inhabiting' as if it is a house and you will get problems. Quite apart from the fact that when its -20 for a month and you're under 3 feet of snow 5 miles from anywhere you will wish you were in a proper house. Or you'll be dead.

Without meaning to be overly patronising, all these guys you see on History channel doing their 'back to the woods' existences are being paid vast amounts of money and go back to civilisation in the winter. They never show how utterly bored and miserable people are throughout the winter in northern climes, just like they rarely show the bazillion mosquitos biting everything all summer.

In summary, you can buy a place, you can build a 4 walled shack with a roof but if you try and live in it you will get some local Bulgarian official hassling you in a language you don't understand. He'll probably be drunk and have a gun. I won't even start on what the gypsies will do to you when they find you're building a place there.....

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Re: Forest land

Postby johndoe3 » Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:35 am

Mat has given you good advice there.
I hope you choose carefully and have a beautiful time, enjoying the wonders of going back to nature.
However the pair of you may need to consider the practicalities of living in the "woods".
OK. The taxman and the DHSS will be unable to trace you, but one day you will be under the eyes of the "BABA", then you
will be in deep doodo.
An alternative would be to rent a cave from one of the monks up in the Rhilda Mountains.
"Live off the Grid", posted from my ipad with power supply and expecting some e-mail. Give me a break. :wink: :x
=P~ :oops:

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Re: Forest land

Postby oldtimer » Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:10 pm

Why dont you just buy an old house with land in the middle of know where, loads of them about, Problem solved

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Re: Forest land

Postby troyan » Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:01 pm

there are plenty of places which are remote, the off grid thing is a novelty lifestyle and feel free to explore but it isnt necessary in Bulgaria to live a self sustaining lifestyle, I could if I wanted turn off my 240 v and live 12v with solar easily.........but theres no point.
My heating is logs and there are springs for water everywhere and I cook either with lpg or on the woodburner

If you want to live in the forest it would be quite easy, theres lots of huts and land , and where I am the deciduous forest which runs for hundreds of miles in all directions is there for anyone to explore and enjoy, you dont have to buy it, you are free to wander, hunt, forage....... nobody will bother you.

my advice just buy a house or land with hundreds of miles of forest around.

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