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Postby Malarkey » Mon May 01, 2017 7:52 pm

The good news
" The level of employment in Bulgaria for active people, aged 20-64, increased last year on 2015, an Eurostat analysis reads, quoted by BNR.

The employment index reached 67.7% in 2016 on 67% in 2015, European statistics reports. The index was 71.1% with men last year and 64% with women, on 70.4% and 63.8% in 2015 respectively.

The final employment goal for the Bulgarian population of that age group is 76% for 2020, according to the Europe 2020 strategic program." ... a+Going+Up

The bad news
35% of the population, lived in poverty.
" A 2016 Eurostat poll on social trends and poverty indexes within the EU has found out that some 2.5M Bulgarians, or nearly 35% of the population, lived in poverty.

The agency sees the term as impossibility for unhindered payment of monthly utilities and the coverage of unexpected expenses, central heating of the entire house, an access to TV, car and a cell phone, regular meals or at least a week of holiday away from home.

Some 7.8% of the EU population faced poverty in 20167, the poll says, quoted by BNR" ... in+Poverty

The thought provoking

"In Bulgaria, labor productivity on average, compared to the average of the European Union in some places, is 2 to 4 times lower than in the European Union. Note that, however, we have too low minimum wage. Ie. Bulgaria is the realm of market populism and capitalist liberalism. And the well-known Ginny rate of disposable income shows that Bulgaria is one of the three European countries with the highest inequality, given that Bulgaria is the poorest country. Ie. where capitalist liberalism and market populism dominate - the market must be left to work, there is nothing to pay, and so on - this model while reigning in Bulgaria, Bulgarians, the majority of them 40, 50, 60% will be systematically poor and people at risk."
See more at ww ... strophe%27

For an understanding of UK poverty ... d-figures/
A third of people in the UK have experienced poverty in recent years ... statistics
or ... 0wodTlsEWw

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