Gabrovo - Tourist centre in northern Bulgaria.

Gabrovo The town of Gabrovo is situated in Northern Bulgaria, along the River Yantra, in the north Sredna Stara Planina mountain spur, 392 metres above sea level. Gabrovo is 220 km north east from the city of Sofia. In the immediate vicinity of Gabrovo is the geographical centre of Bulgaria. Because of its locality the town is a busy road junction. There are a lot of roads leading from Gabrovo to the other towns and municipalities in Northern and Southern Bulgaria.

The nearest airport is in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa (60 km).

The nearest river port is in the town of Rousse (160 km).

The nearest sea port is in the town of Bourgas (230 km).

Gabrovo During the Middle Ages some tradesmen and craftsmen set up their businesses there. Some people were occupied with wood, metal, wool, and leather working and the tradition was handed down until current times. At the end of the last century a lot of factories were built and European companies set up there. At present the town of Gabrovo is an important industrial centre. There are a lot of leading machine building, electronic, and tool making plants. Textile industry, furniture manufacturing, plastics manufacturing, food, wine and tobacco industries are also of great importance.

A few state and municipal companies and a lot of private wholesale and retail trade companies are in the trade and public services of the town. The private companies have more than 60% of the business in Gabrovo. A lot of world famous companies from other countries have representative offices in Gabrovo.

Due to its clean mountain air, historical and ethnographical complexes Gabrovo has become an attractive tourist centre. The Municipality and  surrounding area is considered to be one of the most ecologically clean regions in Bulgaria. The rich flora and fauna prove that. Some of the best hunting trophies such as bear, red deer and mouflon can be found in the game reserves.

There are some places of interest, which are of national and international importance.

There is The House of Humour and Satire where you can see different art and ethnographical exhibitions and collections of African ritual and carnival masks and accessories. Thousands of world famous humourists from more than 150 countries have visited The House of Humour and Satire during the Festivals of Humour and Satire.

The most picturesque place in Gabrovo is the architectural and ethnographical complex Etur - a unique open air museum.

Near Gabrovo is the 600 year old village Bozhentsi - an architectural and historical reserve. Bozhentsi is located in a pretty valley, and all its authentic houses date back to The Renaissance period. Bozhentsi is an excellent place for individual and family tourism.

Ouzana is a mountain locality near Gabrovo. The geographical centre of Bulgaria is found here. Ouzana is a suitable place for your winter and summer holiday. Here you can do some skiing, horse riding, mountain climbing, etc.

The distance from Lyulyatsite Resort (The Lilac Shrubs) to Gabrovo is 15 km. The resort is famous for its favourable effects in some cases of allergy, hypertonia and chronic diseases of respiratory system.

A lot of theatrical, musical and folklore professional groups, puppet-show, pantomime theatre, Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra, "Gabrovo" - Swing Dixie Band and others contribute to the cultural life in Gabrovo.

The visitors can see the unique expositions of the History Museum, Art Gallery and National Museum of Education. The National Museum of Education is located in the building of Aprilov Grammar School - the first non-clerical secondary school in Bulgaria.