Golden Sands - Superb beaches on the Northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Golden Sands resort Golden Sands offers excellent holiday conditions with lots of entertainment, sports and different activities.

Golden Sands resort is situated in the Golden Sand National Park, 18 km from the city of Varna, in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera.

Golden Sands - breathtaking scenary, superb and picturesque beaches, clean sea, sun and mineral springs. The beach strip is 3.5 km long and up to 100 m wide. Bask in the sun from May through October. Summers are not too hot thanks to the mild sea breeze. The average air temperature in July and August is 27C, water temperature is 24C.

H O T E L S  &  R E S T A U R A N T S

  • 61 hotels, 10 deluxe villas, panorama campsite with 200 camping lots; most hotels have satellite TV and modern communications
  • Numerous restaurants serving Bulgarian national dishes, as well as European cuisine and exotic food - ranging from first class entertainment spots and night clubs featuring exciting floor shows, to small cosy fast food restaurants right on the shore, hotel bars and discos - to suit every taste and preference; for gourmets - Chinese, Indian, German, English, Greek and Arab cuisine is available

    B A L N E O L O G Y  &  R E C R E A T I O N

  • The modern Climato-balneological Center (at the 3-star Ambassador Hotel) boasts an indoor and outdoor mineral water swimming pool, modern electromedical equipment and a highly trained staff. The natural coastal resources - specific sea climate, clean air, ultraviolet radiation, sea water, mineral water and curative mud, rich in biologically active substances - are comprehensively used here all year round.
  • The Center offers over 120 differerent kinds of medical services and various programs: balneotherapy, mud treatment, anti-stress, arthritic- rheumatoid, cosmetic, fitness, phytotherapy and acupuncture, etc.

    S P O R T S  F A C I L I T I E S

  • 6 outdoor and one indoor mineral water swimming pools, 10 tennis courts, volleyball and basketball playing fields, bowling alley, riding ground, as well as plenty of possibilities for water sports.
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