Health Tourism - A guide to the more important health and spa centres in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria abounds in hydrothermal resources, unique in composition (over 600 mineral springs with temperatures between 10 C and 102 C) and known for their curative properties even in old age. The climate is healthy and has a marked curative effect in certain regions of the country. The varied relief, warm sea, fresh verdure and mountains air, combined with various treatment procedures, exert a favourable influence on a number of ailments.

The health resorts are situated in some of the most picturesque places of Bulgaria and balneological treatment is available in combination with climate treatment and physical therapy.

The best known ones are SANDANSKI - beneficial to the treatment of bronchial asthma, HISSARYA - known for the successful treatment of urological and liver diseases, VELINGRAD - for non-specific conditions of the respiratory tract, disturbances of the locomotory system, neurological disorders, gynaecologycal complaints, mild forms of diabetes, obesity, and Kyustendil - for conditions of the bones, joints and tendons, disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, disturbances of the reproductive system and sterility.