Internet Access - How to get connected to the Internet in Bulgaria.

Internet Cafe

One very popular way of accessing the Internet in Bulgaria is by the use of Internet cafes. In every large town or city you won't have to look far to find one. These cafes are very popular with teenagers in Bulgaria who can be found most evenings playing online games.

With some of the Internet cafes you can just walk in off the streetto use the computers and then pay on your way out. Others require you to join which is normally free, but be prepared to have your picture taken for their records and membership card. Most Internet cafes have a good Internet connection and often this can be faster then you could have at home.

Connecting to the Internet

The three main ways of connecting to the Internet in Bulgaria are by a Dial Up connection with a Modem, by using one of the local cable suppliers and just recently launched in Bulgaria ADSL.If you do have a choice between the three we would advise having your Internet connection supplied by one of the cable companies or ADSL supplied by BTC.

If you are a mobile user then either through Mtel or Globul you can connect to the Internet using your mobile phone, connected to your laptop or PC. We would call this a 'last resort' due to the veryslow connection speeds, but if nothing else is available then it is something to think about.

Latest News. Mtel are now offering mobile internet access using GPRS which can give good performance much the same as a dial up connection.

Internet Service Providers

Listed below are some of the many companies offering connections to the Internet.

BTC - BULGARIAN TELECOMMUNICATIONS COMPANY (BTC) Plc is a state-owned public limited liability company set on 1st of January 1993, with its rights and obligations defined by a Decree of the Council of Ministers and a License issued by the Committee of Posts and Telecommunications. They offer the full range of telecomunications services.

M-Tel Ltd. - Internet service from the Bulgarian GSM operator. Backbone connectivity, leased lines and dialup services. Access to internet via GSM mobile. - Fast and reliable Internet access and excellent support - 24 hours a day. Award winning Web development and e-commerce solutions.Dial-Up Access, Leased Line, Wireless Solutions. Web design and developmen

Digital Systems Ltd - Digital Systems Ltd, the first Internet provider in Bulgaria, offers a wide range of network-based services to many companies, universities and individual users.

BOL - Internet company that offers a variety of Internet-related services.

RTC Mobikom - RTC MOBIKOM offers the greatest variety of telecommunications services in Bulgaria. The company has offices and shops in Sofia and larger cities as well as a broad dealers network all over the country. Customers may buy, rent or lease mobile phones and pagers in any Mobikom shop. Mobikom provides cellular, paging, fixed and Internet services.

ProLink Ltd. - Techno-Link opened in November 1996 as an Internet Service Provider on the Bulgarian market. Techno-Link(tm) is an officially registered trade mark of the company "Techno-Art" Ltd.

GOCIS - Internet Service Provider offers leased line dedicated access, ISDN, web hosting.

Orbitel - Joining People With Ideas - Long-distance & international phone-2-phone VoIP. Backbone ISP - nationwide internet access via dialup, ISDN, leased lines; e-business hosting; co-location; security products - VPN, firewall, intranet and extranet.

NetIsSat - Backbone connectivity, leased lines and dialup services in Sofia.
Bulgaria OnLine - Providing high-quality network solutions in all business levels. Full range of information services, including fast and reliable Internet access, web design and hosting, LAN & database development, quality technical support, hardware and software installation and configuration, consultancy.