Kavarma kebap - 4


400-500 g veal or beef (or mutton)
1 onion
1 clove of garlic
1 glass of wine
3-4 spoonfuls of fat or oil
1 spoonful of flour
1/2 cupful of clear broth
red pepper, pepper, salt

How to make:

Beat down the meat and cut it in morsels, sprinkle it with a small quantity of salt and leave it for 1/2-1
hour to become seasoned. Heat the fat and, using a large spoon, dip the chopped meat in it to be lightly
browned. Take it out and put it in a warmed up dish, with 1 spoonful of bouillon on the bottom.

Brown lightly, in the same fat, the cut onion, take it out of the fat and add it to the meat.
Sprinkle over the salt, pepper and red pepper mixed together and then mix gently meat and onion.
Pour the bouillon and the wine into the fat, add the garlic (plus a lump of sugar, if you like), and salt.
Boil the sauce and thicken it with the flour (first mixed into a small quantity of cold clear broth or water),
boil again while stirring and then remove from plate.

Serve the kavarma with fried or mashed potatoes, couscous, noodles and the like. Serve the sauce in a
gravy bowl and offer a salad of fresh or pickled vegetables.

Note: If you use mutton for this recipe, after browning the meat, add to it the onion, the flour, the wine, the
pepper and a cupful of warm water and stew until the meat is done.