Ingredients for 9-10 servings:

1 kg meat /fatty mutton and tender beef/veal OR pork and beef/veal in a 1:1 ratio
1 teaspoonful salt
some pepper
1 cup water add the salt to it
ground allspice berries pimento and cumin seeds

How to cook:

Wash the meat and remove gristle and strings. Chop it into small cubes and pour over the salted water.
Wait for about ten minutes and then mince it twice in a meat-mincer. Place mincemeat in a dish
non-metal surface - enameled, china, etc., smooth it over and cover with a wet cloth.
Place it in the fridge and leave it there overnight. On the next day mash in some pepper and a small amount
of ground allspice berries and cumin seeds. (Onion may also be added, very finely cut,
but the classical way excludes it). Leave the meat for another 3 or 4 hours to become seasoned. Shape 30 elongated meat cylinders (about 12 cm long and 2 cm thick).
Kebapcheta are grilled on medium high heat (lard/grease the grill if the meat is not fatty enough).
Turn at small intervals by rolling them over in the same direction.
When well-grilled, kebapcheta are juicy, but not raw inside, with dark brown "grill-marks" on them.

Garnish with any of the following: chopped onion mixed with tomato paste, red tomatoes, eggplant mash,
pepper relish liutenitza, stewed white beans, season salad to your choice or pickles.