Kiten - Holiday resort on the Black Sea coast between Primorsko and Tsarevo.

The holiday village Kiten bears  its name proudly. Each newcomer to this lovely village is charmed by its mild climate, intact nature and sea and hospitable native people.

The village was founded in 1931 by fugitives from Greece and immigrants from the surrounding villages. After 1970, Kiten has  developed as an attractive centre for many tourists.

Nowadays Kiten is a prosperous modern tourist village. In its little and cosy private hotels, houses, syndicate stations, camping sites and motel more than 70 000 tourists a week visit in the high season.

The numberless restaurants, snack - bars,discos, amusement park and water slides offer numerous attractions.

As a little gem, Kiten has spread itself along the Black Sea Coast between two municipal centres - Tzarevo 10 km away and Primorsko - 5 km away.

The northern beach that bears the name "Atliman" is a very beautiful and always calm bay.

The Southern beach borders river Kiten which is rich in grey mullet, carp and barbel. There is also a sea base for sea sports and yachting. The interesting combination of sea and mountain makes Kiten an attractive and preferred holiday destination for thousands of tourists.