Leshten - Typical Bulgarian village from South West Bulgaria.

The Vilage
Typical Bulgarian village located in South West Bulgaria, high in the Pirin mountins. The village of Leshten contains all of about 30 houses. All of the houses in the village are built in the old Bulgarian architectural style. About half of the hoses are for rent and the other half are used as Taverns by local inhabitants. All of the houses are connected to the main street which goes through the village. The main street is covered with the typical for its time road surface called "kaldarum". The rich variety of choice for a memorable holiday includes opportunities for hunting, fishing, riding, mountain walks and drives and other.

The rentable part
The rentable part of the Village includes 15 of all 30 houses. That means that you can rent the whole house or only a room of it. There are rooms with bedroom suits and room with one or two separate beds. Some of the houses have living rooms with all extras. The houses are equipped with telephones, TV sets and other modern facilities.

There are two taverns with 50 seats each. Bulgarian folk lore music makes the atmosphere very authentic. The two taverns serve delicious traditional meals and are wholly supplied by the personal farm of the owners.