Living Costs - The cost of living in Bulgaria

The cost of living in Bulgaria is substantially lower than in other countries and amongst the lowest world-wide.

In particular eating and drinking is very inexpensive with a meal costing an average of EUR 5-7, a bottle of beer for less than EUR1 and a good Bulgarian wine costing around EUR 5 a bottle. A meal for 4 in Nessebur (next to Sunny Beach) cost EUR 35 in August 2003 and that included two bottles of wine!

Petrol prices are about what they are in Ireland, perhaps a little cheaper.

Most other products, foodstuffs and services are substantially cheaper in Bulgaria.

Click on the link below to take you to the relevant page of the National Statistical Institute which will detail average prices and quantities of foods and products purchased by the average household in Bulgaria for the period 2000 – 2002

Additional statistics can be obtained from the National Statistics Institute and are publicly available by visiting their web site at: