250 crumbled walnut kernels,

the whites of two eggs,

200 g of powdered sugar

How to make:

First beat up the whites well to get a dense “snowy” mass. Add the sugar, then the nuts, beating the mixture uninterruptedly with a mixer or by hand. When the products are well mixed and beaten, shape with a teaspoon little piles and arrange them on a buttered paper. You can also use household foil spread over the bottom of a shallow baking tin. The sweeties are baked in a slow oven until they turn red.

Warning: In order to keep the sweets in one piece you have to separate them from the paper or foil while they are still hot. You may sprinkle them with powdered sugar and arrange them in a plate decorated with pine sprigs. The trimming will give joy to your children and they will surely like these tasty sweets.