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lawn mower and strimmer fuel mix?

Posted by seathrift on Thu May 05, 2011 4:53 pm
The mix of oil to petrol depends on the design of the engine. Most modern engines are 100:1 and some old engines 40:1. It is essential to find the manufacturers recommendation in order to have a two stroke engine that runs smoothly. Too much oil and it will keep fouling the plug, too little and the engine will seize up.

Posted by codking on Thu May 05, 2011 4:54 pm
Hi there.I was in the tool hire trade for over 20 years so i hope the following info helps.If the machine has a sump,ie vessel below engine containing oil with an attached dipstick then it is 4 stroke.As regards to your 2 stroke,it is better to add more oil rather than not enough.I will explain.A 2 stroke engine relies on the oil in the mix to lubricate the piston,big ends etc.If not enough oil is added to the mix then prognosis will be a broken/seized pot and piston also big end and probably crank,it is far better to add too much oil this will only soot up [carbon deposit]the spark plug which is easy to clean,you will also note a little more smoke. If a 2 stroke is running with no or little smoke then the wrong mix is being used.I would therefore start at 25:1 [petrol to oil mix].And if you get the sooty plug and excessive smoke then reduce the oil to 40:1.And 1 last thing,always run the machine out of fuel before storing it for long periods [ie Winter] as fuel left in the Carburetter tends to christalise and block the jets and virtually impossible to clean without a sonic cleaner [sprays forget].hope this helps.

Posted by Moscow_Wolf on Thu May 05, 2011 4:57 pm
devondumpling wrote:
Is that 40 oil to 1 petrol?

In my humble opinion, most strimmers are TWO stroke therefore requiring a TWO STROKE OIL and Petrol mix.

Name the make and model of the strimmer and we can find the correct ratio however, my Husqvarna Brush Cutter (Strimmer) is a 50-1 mix the same as my Husqvarna Chainsaw.

A little extra oil won't hurt, it'll just make it smoke a little more, but I am of the opinion that a little more is better than a little less.

To get the right ratio, I went to that Chemist shop you have in Gen. Inzovo and bought a couple of plastic syringes (minus needles) so that I could draw up the correct amount from the Two Stroke Oil bottle.

I cannot at this moment tell you how to measure it accurately as I have it written down somewhere, but all of the mixing ratios can be found via Google.

Back to your sit-on Mower; as folk have suggested this might be Four Stroke and therefore DOES NOT require a Petrol to Oil mix although, there will be a separate oil reservoir which must be kept topped up with Four Stroke Oil.

You can buy Four Stroke Oil in any Lukoil or Shell type station, but the Two Stroke..... I usually get mine from the Husqvarna dealer in Karnobat, but for you, just up from BRE on the opposite side of the road is a shop that sells Strimmers, Chainsaws and accessories and they're sure to have it.

Are you planning to FLY around on this strimmer instead of sitting on your Mower! Laughing

Oh, and if using the former (strimmer), be very careful and wear safety glasses as a minimum. You'd be surprised just how they throw things up with the velocity of a bullet. I have a few dents in the caravan to prove the point. Sad

Edit. Shown below is a link to a suitable site that you can enter your amount of fuel in Litres (if you scroll down past the Gallons part), enter your ratio of oil i.e. 25, 32 or 50 etc, and it will calculate how many millilitres of Two stroke oil you need to add. I used to mix up a litre in a clean and empty whiskey bottle and hence I used the syringe to get the correct measurements. Give it a shake before adding to the strimmer and even if the strimmer is left unused for a while, give the strimmer a shake to make sure the fuel/oil is mixed again.
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