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PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2007 7:15 pm 
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Looked like teenagers up to 16+. Let us know when you are over here.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 10:02 am 
Post subject: Razdawitza Orphanage
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although this is a follow up from the Mogilino discussion I thought I would post this here as somebody in this area may wish to help.

This is an attachment I received from the Lora Foundation

LORA FOUNDATION www.lorafoundation.co.za
Email: lorafoundation@yahoo.co.uk

During our first 6 years in Bulgaria we were involved in big humanitarian projects in many orphanages. We got to know quite a few children.

One day we were looking for a Baby Orphanage in a certain town. Ended up at another orphanage where we made some enquiries. An eleven year old boy came to us. “Why are you looking for the baby orphanage, do you want to adopt a child? You can have me. I can speak English and German” We looked into his eyes and saw desperation and hope. On our question where he learned to speak German and English his answer was by watching TV. He thought it might give him a better chance to be adopted.

Once we asked an 18 year old boy about his dreams for the future. He just left the orphanage when he turned 18. His answer “To be adopted”. This was the only dream he had since he was small.

Sometimes we think the emotional needs of the abandoned children are more than their physical needs. Since then we work with fewer instituitions, but on a more personal basis with the children.

For 7 years we worked with the orphanage where our daughter Lora came from. Rented a house in this small village, near to the orphanage. Spent as much time as possible there. We played with the children, got therapists to work with them. Started a special feeding program for bedridden kids. Sadly, 26 children died during this period. Mostly of mall nourishment and neglect. At the end of 2005 one of our beloved orphans, a 5 year old blind girl died of 90% scalds. A hot tap was mysteriously opened on her while she was in the bathroom. After much agony and prayer we decided to report this orphanage. It is not so easy in the country. Directors have friends. An investigating journalist got involved and attention was drawn to the conditions in orphanages for children with disabilities. This home was closed and children were sent to other instituitions. We realized that we need to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Projects we are involved in at the moment:

Razdawitza Orphanage: About 100 kids live in this orphanage. They are homeless kids; half orphans and children from a very poor social background. Most of them are Roma kids (Gypsies). They have no chance in life, no voice, nobody to love them.

-: We buy monthly food supplies- lentils, rice, beans, sugar, flour, eggs, oil, pasta,, milk powder, cheese, minced meat and chicken.
-: Shoes and jackets for winter: We give the sizes to a local dealer and he brings it to the orphanage where we make sure each child receives what fits him/her
:- Toiletries
-: Wood and coal for the winter:
-: School books.

School project for homeless kids:
Due to high expenses and insufficient funds the Government reduced the age level of the kids going to the Razdawitza orphanage from 8th grade to 4th grade.

Some of the kids who were forced to leave the orphanage and are really intelligent are part of this project.

They go to a school in another village. We provide books, shoes, jackets, monthly bus ticket and one meal per day.

Evening school project:
For children who want to finish Higher Education

Annual Summer Camps

During July/August: Here kids can just be kids. A wonderful time of fun, workshops, sport and games and three meals a day. We make use of volunteers from abroad.

Instituitions for children with disabilities
We try to raise awareness of the circumstances. We visit them, play with them and just show love to them. If there are urgent physical needs, we will provide in them.

Teenage mothers
Most of the children in instituitions are Roma (Gypsies). As soon as the girls reach puberty (from 12 years) they get married. These are arranged marriages (cultural) and the parents of the bride usualy receive some money.

These girls become mothers at the age of 13, 14 and many times these babies are also send to instituitions. We started a small project to follow up these teenage mothers, assist and encourage them to keep their babies.

Family Project: We make contact with the parents or extended families of the children in the instituition. Just to get to know them, their circumstances. For the 2nd time we will now present seminars on marriage and family life

Jack and Elsabé Louw
Lora Foundation. Bulgaria

As they do not have anything on their website about fundraising, etc., I asked how people could help

Thank you so much for your care. We usually get funds from friends and people who visited. There is a bank account for the Foundation. Take care
Details for the Foundation Bank Account:

Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria, Sofia

Account Holder: Lora Foundation

Branch nr. 100

Bank Code 15591550


EURO Account Nr. BG52RZBB 915514 60403006

Street address of Bank: Street Gogol 18/20, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:25 pm 
Post subject:
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Wow, Carole
what a great couple Jack and Elsabé are, and an inspiration to us all.
We can all do something to help the local homes, no matter how small, as it all counts.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 12:07 am 
Post subject:
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domino wrote:
I know that everyone watched or now knows about the Abandoned Children story on Channel 4, The Mogilino affair. The telegraphaph have done a really good article and there is an online petition to get the EU to investigate the standard of care and rid the **** that are running it.

Its hard to imagine our kids safe and tucked up in their beds while these children suffer, please help!
Please sign on this link , thanks.


The whole article including email addresses of MEP's etc.. can be found at:
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2007 1:28 am 
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Be aware that the petition site tales a while to load.
There is also on the amnesty site some addresses you can write to


Pressure should also be bought on the local mayor who refused plots in the cemetery for those who die thus causing them to be buried in a mass grave
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 10:40 am 
Post subject:
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Pleven - Stargozia, Bulgaria Orphanage & SchoolOverview Art Work Razliv Vidrare Totleben Sturmen Brestovitsa Mogilino Radevo ... We visited the Pleven orphanage (Stargozia) with Gaile Sprinkle of the ...
www.bulgarianchild.org/2003-06/pleven1.htm -

Institutionalising despair - Life&Leisure newsA young patient at the Mogilino Social Care Home for Children. OVER the past few months, a great deal of world scrutiny has been on Bulgaria for the poor ...
www.sofiaecho.com/article/institutionalising-despair/id_5685/catid_32 - 57k -
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 7:43 pm 
Post subject: Hi
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Hi Everyone
i have heard there is a orphanage in the town of kalofer i am intersted in helping out here as it is near to where i live it is supposed to be near the bus station or school

any info would be great


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