Music - Bulgaria’s musical heritage explained.


Bulgaria, the native land of Orpheus, has given the world a range of prominent musicians, composers and singers.

Opera singers:Boris Christoff, Yulia Wiener, Nikolai Gyuzelev, Nikolai Gyaurov, Gena Dimitrova, Raina Kabaivanska, Anna Tomova-Sintova, Christina Angelakova, Vesselina Katsarova, and many others.

Bulgarian musicians:Yuri Bukov, Dina Schneiderman, Emil Kamilarov, Milcho Leviev, Boyan Vodenicharov, Emil Naumov, Theodosi Spassov.

Performers of authentic Bulgarian folklore:Valya Balkanska (a song performed by her is included in a gold disc of messages to alien civilisations, flying on the deep-space probe Voyager), Nadka Karadjova, Yanka Roupkina, the Balgarka trio, Le Mystère des Voix Bulgars formation (The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices), and many others.

Valya Balkanska

International prestige is credited to a number of Bulgarian music festivals. The Sofia Music Weeks and the March Music Days further their traditions as centres of high performing art.

The traditional New Year’s Music Festival at the  in Sofia, established by the much talented but early deceased conductor Emil Tchakarov, is held annually.

A number of concerts are organised also of popular Bulgarian orchestras and ensembles, pop, rock, and jazz performers.

Every large town in Bulgaria has an operatic and philharmonic company engaging in concert activities. The most popular and well established music festivals in Bulgaria of international renown are:

Sofia Music Weeks;

March Music Days;

Varna Summer;

Plovdiv – Verdi’s Festival;

Sofia – an International Festival for contemporary music, Muzika Nova;
International jazz festivals – Sofia, Rousse, Bansko;

Slantchev Bryag (Sunny beach) – International pop song festival, Golden Orpheus;

Pleven – International festival, Laureate’s Days – Katya Popova;

New Year’s music festival at the National Palace of Culture, Sofia.

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Palace of Culture