Pamporovo - The sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria and and popular for ecotourism.

Pamporovo The Pamporovo ski resort is situated 1650 m above sea level, at the foot of peak SNEJANKA (1926 m), in the Rhodopes Mountain. It is located in a region known for its unique folklore traditions and is located 260 km from Sofia and 85 km from Bulgaria’s secondlargest city, Plovdiv.

Pamporovo is the sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria where the winter is soft, but with a lot of snow, and the number of sunny days during the season from December to May is 120.

The resort is set in the south of the Rhodope Mountain where, according to the legend, Orpheus, the mythical singer, had lived. Pamporovo has international popularity. The average January temperature is about 3 C. The climate is exclusively healthy and it is no miracle that most of the centenarians in Bulgaria are found in this district.