Primorsko - The longest and prettiest beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Primorsko is famous for its graceful arcing ten-kilometer sandy beach, the longest and prettiest on the coast.

The resort is a haven for the young and also working Bulgarians who flock here in droves to avail themselves of the numerous trade union rest homes, hostels, student dorms and campgrounds. Under communism, Primorsko was the site of the Georgi Dimitrov International Youth Resort Center (Mezdunaroden Mladezhki Tsentur, or MMC) which annually attracted thousands of communist youth from around the world and who, fittingly, camped out in huge communal tents. While the centre of Primorsko is an overbuilt urbanlike sprawl, the MMC and nearby areas on the water are pleasant. If you happen to find cemeteries picturesque, there is an especially peaceful plot perched on the top of the bluff overlooking Primosko's beach.

There are plenty of outdoor cafes, discos and inexpensive eateries such as the beachside Delfin Snack Bar (try the tasty midi pane [breaded deep fried mussels]). For the intrepid traveler curious to see how the current generation of Bulgarian youth is embracing capitalist excess, Primorsko is where it's happening. But if it's peace and quiet you're after, better look elsewhere!