Rivers & Lakes - Facts about the Bulgarian rivers network and her lakes.

There are good opportunities for adventure tourism: wild water rafting and canoeing, diving, delta- and para-gliding in the valleys of the Vatcha, Iskar, Chepelarska, Struma, and Mesta rivers.

The Longest Rivers in Bulgaria

Name Length (Km)
Iskar 368,0
Toundga 349,5
Maritsa 321,6
Osum 341,0
Struma 290,0
Yantra 285,5
Kamchiya 244,5
Arda 241,3
Louda Kamchiya 200,9
Roussenski Lom 196,9

Natural lakes are about 330 in number; the largest are the Black Sea lakes (Alepou, Arkoutino, Pomorie, Beloslav, Bourgas, Varna, Shabla lakes); the most numerous (more than 260) are the high glacial lakes in the Rila and Pirin mountains.

Dams have been built as a part of waterpower systems – Iskar, Arda, Batak Water Power System, Belmeken-Sestrimo, Dospat-Vucha, and a great number of smaller dams