Roussalka - Unique Bulgarian archeological and nature centre and holiday location.

Roussalka Roussalka is a holiday compound, situated in Taukliman Bay (Birds Bay), 16 km east of Kavarna (a town, 18 km east of Balchik).

The plateau which surrounds it is the only natural steppe to survive to our day in Europe. The picturesquely carved rocky coastline, the small and secluded strips of sand, the ancient oaks and rare plant species have attracted millions of birds and have turned the Bay of Birds into an oasis of nature that has remained untouched for centuries.

Numerous archeological finds, the oldest dating back 8000 years, have transformed the coast around Russalka into a unique archeological reservation. Antique and medieval fortresses, tombs carved into the rock, caves, sacrificial stones and remains on the bottom of the sea are a major attraction for archaeologists from all over the world. For a change, you can also take unforgettable trips to Kavarna, Balchik, Varna, Nessebur, Albena and Shabla.