Shiroka Luka - Bulgarian village that is at the start of the Golyam Perelik Peak.

Shiroka luka SHIROKA LUKA - a village in the valley of the Shirokolushka River, 20 km north west of Smolyan architectural and ethnographical reserve. Population of 910.

Settled at the time of mass conversion to Mohammedanism of the Rhodope population during the years of Ottoman yoke.

Revival town planning construction has been preserved. 90 sites have been proclaimed monuments of culture. Many houses have been preserved also 6 bridges and the complex of the old school St. Panteleimon (1888) and the Church of the Holy Virgin (1834).

The oldest houses date back to the beginning of the 19th C. (1802, 1829). The houses built towards the middle of the 19th C. are bigger, varied in design by the introduction of overhanging bays and protrusions. These resemble fortresses - the ground floors of economic importance are built of stone, levelled by means of wooden girdles (santrachi); topmost one will see the residential quarters - glazed, with protruding bays, white-washed and framed in wood. The roofs are stone-tiled, and the chimneys of original multiform design.

Here in Shiroka Luka there is a musical school teaching national instruments.

The village is a starting point to Golyam Perelik Peak.