Sofia - The capital city of Bulgaria.

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria. The city is located in the southern part of the Sofia valley and at the foot of the mountains Vitosha and Lyulin. The town developed in the 8th - 7th century B.C. arround the mineral spring which is now in the center of the city. The Romans conquered the town in the 1st century and called it Serfica. In the 9th century is was given the name Sredets. It has been bearing the name of Sofia since the 14th century - the name comes from the name of the church St.Sofia. Since 1878 Sofia has been the capital city of Bulgaria.

Alexander_Nevsky_Catedral A great number of monuments of architecture have been preserved, such as the Alexander Nevsky Catedral, the Public Theater Ivan Vazov, the Palace of Justice, the chuches St.George and St.Sofia, etc. Sofia is the major economic, scientific and cultural center of Bulgaria. In Sofia are the Bulgarian Academy of Scintences, the Public Library, theatres and museums..

The city has several beautiful parks, and the slopes of the Vitosha mountain rise above it - Vitosha is a wonderful place of recreation for the residents of Sofia and the guests of the city.