Stewed leg of mutton


about 2kg leg mutton,
100g bacon,
3 carrots,
3 tomatoes,
3-4 peppers,
1/2 a celery,
7-8 potatoes,
1 tsp.. tomato paste,
6-8 cloves garlic,
1 bay leaf,
1 cupful white wine,
1 lemon,
1 tsp. flour,
1/2 cupful sunflower oil,

Lard the meat with bacon rolled in paprika, garlic and pepper. Salt and stew in the oil together with the
vegetable sliced into large pieces. Later add the flour and tomato paste diluted with some cold water.
Pour over the wine and some hot water, add spices and peeled lemon slices and simmer on a low fire.
When cooked, take out the meat and cut into slices. Push the sauce through a sieve.
Serve sprinkled with finely chopped parsley.