Stuffed Aubergines (Imam Bayaldy)


4-5 eq. sized aubergines,
5-6 tomatoes,
5 onions,
2 carrots,
1 celery,
4-5 cloves garlic,
half a lemon,
1 bay leaf,
3 spoonful breadcrumbs,
half a cupful sunflower oil,

How to make:

Separate the stalks from the aubergines and carefully hollow them. Cook in oil and some water and stuff with a
mixture prepared as follows: brown the finely chopped onions in same oil. Add the grated carrots and celery
and when tender, also the grated tomatoes, finely chopped garlic and parsley, the bay leaf, pepper and salt.
Stuff the aubergines, top with a slice of tomato and sprinkle with breadcrumbs.
Bake in a moderate oven. Serve cold garnished with slices of lemon.