Note: the cabbage leaves used are pickled.

In Bulgaria, cabbage is pickled in a special way, adding sea-salt, and consumed in winter.
If you have no pickled cabbage available, you can stuff dried or fresh peppers in the same mode.


10-15 pickled cabbage leaves
4 onions
1 coffee-cupful of rice
2 red tomatoes - fresh or preserved
1 teaspoonful of ground savory
1 teaspoonful of ground pepper
1 spoonful of cut up parsley
2 dried red peppers
2 fresh peppers (better red)
1 carrot
1 1/2 coffee-cupfuls of vegetable oil

How to make:

Chop up the onions, the fresh peppers and the carrot.
Salt to suit your taste and brown the mixture in vegetable oil.
When onion grows soft, add the rice, cleaned, washed and dried. Then add the tomatoes, peeled and grated,
the pepper, the savory and the minced parsley .
Mix these products well. Then fill the cabbage leaves with it and wrap them tightly.
Cover the bottom of the cooking pot with sauerkraut, arrange the stuffed leaves. In between insert the dried red
peppers, previously steeped for 6 hours in cold water. Pour water and sauerkraut juice in equal proportions or
warm water alone. The liquid has to cover the stuffed leaves.
Stew on slow fire till stuffed leaves soften.