12 peppers
2 onions
2 carrots
4 spoonfuls of vegetable oil
1 coffee cupful of rice
1/2 teaspoonful of ground pepper
1 spoonful of minced parsley
1 spoonful of finely chopped leaves of celery salt to one’s liking

How to make:

There are several ways to cook the peppers. You can pour boiled water on them or put them in salted
boiling water and stew them until they grow soft. It depends on you which way you choose. If they are
dryed, they should stay in cold water for the night; this mode of processing is suitable for housewives,
who are used to thinking of their meals the day before, but also for those who prefer to somehow "stay
away" from the cooking process.
In all three cases the swollen outer covering should be peeled off (the stems and seeds are removed
first).Then stew in salted water the finely chopped onions, together with the thinly grated carrots.
When the vegetables grow soft and the water evaporates, add some vegetable oil and brown.
Add the rice, a teacupful of hot water and boil on a moderate fire until the rice absorbs the water and
swells. Take the pot off the fire and add the ground pepper, the chopped up parsley and celery leaves.
When this mixture is cooled, stuff the peeled peppers with it.
Arrange the filled peppers close to one another in a stew pan on the bottom of which put a plate (upside
down),in order to keep the rice from coming out of the peppers while boiled. Sometimes Bulgarian
housewives have a plate set over the peppers too. Add boiling water to cover the peppers and stew on
a slow fire.