Teteven - Well appointed in beautiful landscape in the central Balkan mountains.

The Town Of Teteven is situated in the northwestern folds of the Central Balkan Mountains; it stretches out for 12 km along the Vit river valley, taut as a bow-string which explains the etymology of its name. The settlement appeared in the second half of the 14th century, but evidence of settled life in the region refers its emergence from more ancient times. One can reach Teteven by bus or car. Regular buses run to Sofia (110 km) and the district town of Lovech (70km).

Surrounding Nature
Lying along the Beli Vit river, Teteven is the starting point of a number of hiking routes leading up the Central Balkan Mountains. In the town vicinities can be found Koznitsa waterfall and Sinyoto kolelo (the Blue Wheel) and Yamata (the Pit) caverns. There are two nature reserves on the territory of Teteven Municipality. Boatin and Tsarichina nature reserves are part of the Central Balkan Mountains National Park.

The Broadest Beech Forest Belt in Bulgaria is to be found in the region of Teteven. Carefully protected is the flora and fauna in this portion of the Balkan Mountains and also the wildlife consisting of fox, bear, deer, and a variety of fresh water fish like mountain barbel, trout, etc. The history of the town is treasured in historical and architectural monuments.Traditional crafts: brwoodcarving, turnery, saddlery, iron-smithery and jewelry preserved popular customs and culture.

The St. Prophet Elijah Monastery (14th c.) situated in the northeastern section of Teteven at the foot of Ostrets massif The Glozhene Monastery of St. George is hardly among Bulgaria's biggest monasteries, but it may well be classed among the most inaccessible ones. It takes about an hour to climb the winding footpath from Glozhene village (12 km off Teteven) up to the monastery itself. There is also a dirt road enabling one to reach there by car.

Baev Mound and Kostina locality (place of revolutionary Georgi Benkovski's death) by the village of Ribaritza and Bobev House, Hadzhiivanov House and Yorgov House - are all striking examples of National Revival architecture in Teteven.

National Children's Folk Festival - held every odd year over the last weekend in May.
Teteven Autumn Fair - held traditionally on the firstweekend of October. Traditional Crafts, demonstrated in Teteven - woodcarving (wooden wine vessels, kegs, distaffs, wooden bowls and low wooden tables), turnery, weaving, whittling, harness making, jewelry.

Opportunities and Facilities
Outings to the peaks surrounding Teteven with panoramic views of the town and its vicinities.
Hiking activities - trails to all vicinal chalets are blazed. The Municipal Tourist Information Office offers to the lovers of natural beauty and adventure seekers the newest tourist product Weekend in Teteven. It comprises 8 breathtaking guided tours in the picturesque Teteven Mountains.
Cycling tours - Fantastic cycling trails and experienced guides are ensured
Ski courses-in Teteven and by Elprom chalet coasting courses
Indoor mineral water swimming-pool in Teteven and outdoor swimming-pool in Ribaritsa village
Restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars, night clubs and discotheques will make your stay more than enjoyable.