Traditional Holidays - The reason for and dates of major Bulgarian public holidays.

St. Basil’s Day (January 1/14)

St. Jordan’s Day (Theophany) (January 6/19)

St. John’s Day (January 7/20)

St. Anthony’s Day (January 17/30)

St. Atanassius's Day (January 18/31)

Martyr Triffon’s Day (January 1/14)

St. Theodore’s Day (February 14/27 – First Saturday of Lent)

Annunciation (March 25/April 7)

Saturday of Lazarus, Palm Sunday, Easter

St. George’s Day (May 6)

Sts.Constantine and Helen (May 21/June 3)

Midsummer Day (Nativity of St. John the Baptist) (June 24/July 7)

Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (St. Peter’s Day) (June 29/July 12)

Prophet St. Elija’s Day ( July 20/August 2)

Transfiguration (August 6/19)

Elevation of the Cross (September 14/27)

St. Petka’s Day (October 14/27)

St. Holy Martyr Dimitri of Thessaloniki’s Day (October 26/November 8)

Archangel Michael’s Day (November 8/21)

Holy Apostle Andrew’s Day (November 30/December 13)

St. Nicholas’s Day (December 6/19)

St. Ignatius’s Day (December 20/January 2)

Christmas Eve – (celebrated on the eve of the Nativity of our Lord – December 24/January 6)

Christmas (December 25/January 7)

New Year