10 eggs (two in each portion)
500 g of yoghourt
200 g of butter
red pepper

How to make:

To cook veiled eggs break them from a little distance into the boiling water, first adding to it vinegar and salt 25
-30g of salt and 50-60 g of vinegar per liter of water. Fill the pot with water (half-full). Add salt and vinegar.
Bring the water to a boil and then break the eggs one at a time. Boil for 4 minutes, long enough to let them
solidify. Take them out with a spoon and immerse them straight away, only for a moment, in cold water in order to
keep them soft and stop the process of solidification. The yolks of the cooked veiled eggs should be soft and
wrapped (shrouded) by the whites. Add garnishing.
Put the veiled eggs on a base of yoghourt. Pour over them well melted hot butter seasoned with a little bit of red
pepper. Serve while warm.

Note: You could serve the eggs with beaten up yoghourt seasoned with smashed garlic, dill, salt and vegetable oil.