The white brined cheese is a concentrated milk food with varying taste and flavour, depending on its production technology.

Its is served as an appetizer, or as an ingredient of many dishes of the Bulgarian cuisine.

Here follows a recipe for the preparation of brined sheep cheese.


10 liters of fresh sheep milk
20 drops /20 ml/ of rennet
salt /200 g per 1liter of water for the salting brine,
and 120 g per 1 liter of water for the preservation brine/.

How to make:

Filter the milk.
Warm it up to a temperature of 70o C for 10 minutes, not allowing it to boil and then cool it to 33-34o C.
Add the rennet diluted by boiled and cooled water in a proportion of 1:10, stir well the milk and leave it at the
same temperature for one hour to turn into cheese.
The cheese thus produced should be drained in a cheese-cloth /gauze/ for 2 hours in order to remove the whey.
The cheese obtained and drained should be placed in a strainer and pressed by weights for at least 6 hours.
Then you can cut it into lumps and put them in a salting brine. It is made of 1 liter of water and 200 g of salt.
The cheese should be steeped in the brine for not less than 24 hours, in order to become lightly salty in taste.
Finally, arrange the cheese lumps in the utensils where they will be preserved and pour preservation brine /120 g
of salt per 1 liter of water/ on it. The cheese will be ready for consumption in 60 days and during this time
temperature in the room should measure about 10o C.
Later you can store it in a refrigerator.