As is known, the Bulgarian yoghourt is unique and familiar to customers all over the world.

Although milk is a drink, it contains 12.5 per cent of solid substance and more than 100 components.
In one liter of cow milk there are 35 g of proteins, 46 g of sugar, as well as almost all kinds
of microelements and vitamins. Besides being wholesome, fresh milk is very easily assimilated
by human organism. Various milk products are made of milk - yoghourt, white cheese, cheese, cream,
curds, butter, etc. - and they are widely used in the national Bulgarian cooking practice.


1 liter of fresh milk
1 spoonful of sour milk to start fermentation

How to make:

Boil the milk and let it cool to 38-40o C (it should be a little warmer than your hand).
Pour 1/4 teacupful of it on the portion of sour milk required to start fermentation and mix well.
Then add this mixture to the fresh milk. Stir well, cover the pot with a lid, wrap it with a woolen blanket
and leave it in a warm premise.
The temperature of 38-40o C should be maintained for three hours, while the sour milk fermentation
develops. The yoghourt thus obtained is kept in the refrigerator.