Buying or Selling Overseas Property in Thailand

Posted on July 16th 2020 09:07 am

Do you want to buy and sell overseas property in Thailand.

If you looking for a property to invest or own a company in Thailand. This is the best time to invest in property in Thailand. Thailand is welcoming foreign investor to buy or invest in property through Thai limited company to make it economically grow.

Where is Thailand?

Thailand is located in the part of Southeast Asia, as well known for its tropical beaches, ancient ruins, and ornate Buddha temples. It has consisted of 76 provinces as Bangkok is the largest and capital city of Thailand considered as a special administrative area. They have their own culture and ethnicity while most of the people follow Buddhism. And it has Thai as their official language.

Thailand borders to Myanmar and Laos in the north, while Laos and Cambodia to the east and Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia in the south.

What’s so good about Thailand?

Most of Thailand is surrounded by neighbouring countries land, but it has its own speciality for seafood and has lots of various foods to try. And it is also famous for its loads of massage parlour in the country.
And the weather is subtropical throughout most parts of the country, while in summer the temperature goes up to 40*c and in winter it reaches up to 30*c. people of Thailand are so friendly most often they treat foreigners with kind and well- gestured manner.

What’s worth the time in Thailand?
    Thailand has glittering temples as golden as to tempt the foreigners to visit again and again, and tropical beaches to relax and have fun to spend most of the time.
   Thailand also has lots of mountains to make a visit to hiking and climbing. It is a country of the forest with swampy wetlands with lotus and water lilies.
   Most of the foreigners tend to visit the place of Bangkok, Railay, and Chiang Mai as their favourite destination to spend their time. And there are lots of street food stalls to taste the various dishes and foods to eat.


Is there any demand for properties in Thailand?

   Nowadays there is a lot of foreign investment are rapidly increasing in Thailand as the regulations to own land by the foreign investors are in ease. And it provides various offers depend on property usage and its size.
   Land in Thailand is given various names according to the provinces it is purchased. The popular regions in Thailand for foreigners to invest or buy in are Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket so on.
  There are lots of condos and villas are available to invest in Thailand main cities for the foreigners as an investment.

How to buy property in Thailand?

   According to the Thailand law and regulations, you can’t be a sole owner for the property or land, but you can buy their land as a shareholder or invest as a foreign investor.  
   There are two ways to own land as leasehold or purchasing the property through as a company. Apartments are also purchased by the foreigners through property agreement.
  Foreigners can also rent the apartments or villas in the form of leasehold for a particular time period.
  And the best way to buy land is rough Thai limited is best to buy or rent through Thai limited company if it to invest for startup or branch of a company. 

Where and how can we find a better property in Thailand to invest in?

   If it is as an apartment or condominium, it can be bought or rent through directly from the landlord as foreign investment for a particular period of time.
   The best-selling or renting properties are in the regions of Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya as it is invested in the condos or villas.
  If it is for investing in land for the company, it is through the regulations of Thai limited company norms to invest and own land in Thailand.


If you want to buy and sell property in Thailand. Contact an overseas property specialist who has years of experience dealing in the Thai Markets.