How to Sell Property in Bulgaria fast in 2020

Posted on July 16th 2020 01:07 pm


Do You Have a Property for Sale in Bulgaria?


The cheapest country in Europe is known to be Bulgaria which has a low cost of living rates. One can purchase a decent apartment in its capital city, which is Sofia on a budget for €40,000. Savvy foreign overseas investors favour Bulgaria from a distance away, and they include Russian, Chinese, German, Irish and Scandinavian investors who have a great interest in the Bulgarian market. With the right agent you can sell your property fast in Bulgaria to overseas investors


Where is Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a country located in the southeastern parts of Europe, and the Black Sea borders it to the east, Greece and Turkey to the south, Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia to the west, and at the north we have Romania.


What’s good about Bulgaria?


Gold - the discovery of the oldest gold treasure got first sited at the burial site at the west of Varna which isn't far away from the Black Sea. A tractor crew unearthed it in 1972 when they were digging a ditch, and the site which has to date nearly 300 graves became a vast necropolis that dated 4560-4450 BC. The gold artefacts found were over three thousand and proved that the trade relations settlements got done in distant lands and there was the belief of afterlife by the communities. Some of this gold has gotten exhibited on tours around the world.

Cyrillic – Bulgaria is a country with an origin of the alphabet that involves the Bulgarians writing and reading using the Cyrillic alphabet. Methodius and Saints Cyril who were born in the 9th century were two brothers who committed themselves in the Christian missionaries, and they used the alphabets intending to improve literacy during the First Bulgarian Empire when the Slavic pagans existed. The two are among the most celebrated Bulgarian Orthodox church saints.



What’s worth watching in Bulgaria?


The sunny beaches- visit the sunny beaches which are cheerful and cheap. They have some rough communist-era constructs and are as well roughed somewhat with the surroundings having charming cafes and restaurants.


The coastal towns- the Black Sea coast is approximately a third of Bulgaria's 376km geographical land. The golden and sandy beaches stretch to the charming coastal outcrops like UNESCO World Heritage site and Nassebar the "Pearl of the Black Sea."


Is there any demand for properties in Bulgaria?


Buying an apartment for someone in German or Ireland is an affordable option because the costs are a fraction that can't get compared to the rates of apartments in Dublin and Berlin. So, there are lots of demand from the Germans and Irish residents who want to retire from the overseas and would like to settle in Bulgaria.

The Scandinavians similarly demand properties in Bulgaria especial around the Black Sea Coast region where there are reports of the Sunny Beach that attracts a vast number of tourists in the summer.

The most prominent investors of properties in Bulgaria are the Russians. They do get involved in all aspects that include property sales in the overseas market as both sellers and buyers. A close relationship got established between the two countries that date back since the 18th century. During the Ottoman rule, Russia historically freed Bulgaria, which was the Soviet Union's most faithful ally when there was a cold war. The Russians being the biggest buyers of the Bulgarian properties, they need a feature that has been promoted first to them through online forums or social media where they frequent as well as on the Russian only property portals. When you want to sell property overseas, you should display an organization to target buyers in Russia.


You can achieve overseas property sales to the Russian agents by hiring UK estate agents who specialize in the marketing of properties in the overseas, and they have extensive connections and networks across Germany, Russia, Scandinavia, China and Ireland. They will know how to reach you in Bulgaria when they get an interested client through their different techniques on social media marketing, ads on pay-per-clicks or video marketing.