Wooden Construction houses

BULGARIAN TRADE PARTNERS LTD are pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive Agency agreement covering the UK market with a leading Bulgarian manufacturer of pre-fabricated wooden framed housing.

These ready to assemble houses are mounted on reinforced concrete foundations, fully insulated for heat and sound and are able to be completely relocated at a future date if required. Only quality materials are used in the manufacturing and finishing process and being modular in design the dimensions and sizes of the houses can vary according to the demands of the customer.

Apart from providing for very affordable everyday living the houses are also suitable to be used as chalets and holiday homes or for providing temporary housing where cost and speed of construction are critical considerations. The provision and construction of an average sized house can take as little as three months for example.

Whilst the manufacturer is based on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria he is willing to provide quotations for all over Bulgaria and export enquiries are similarly welcomed.

Bulgarian Trade Partners are based in the United Kingdom and are a well respected business-to-business brokerage working exclusively to promote trading opportunities between the UK and Bulgaria. References are available on request from both Bulgarian Trade Partners and the manufacturer in Bulgaria and site visits can be arranged.

If you require further details please complete and submit the enquiry form provided giving as much initial detail as possible.

Construction Internal and external walls are produced from separate panels with different dimensions. Each panel consists of a wooden frame with cross section 40 x 90 mm. Please note that these can vary according to customers’demands. After that the wooden frame is filled with thermo insulating material-mineral wadding. The purpose of this wadding is to increase the heat and sound insulation. Both sides are closed with plywood. All the necessary panels, materials and connecting elements are prepared and delivered by the company. The outside parts of the external walls could be finished with cellular insulation, vapour barrier and polymer plaster. The other way of finishing is by cladding or wooden partition. All the connections between the separate elements are carried out via rivets, screws, bolts and nails. The internal wall surface could be covered with gypsum wallboard and latex or wallpaper. PVC profiles are suitable for both the kitchen and the bathroom. The walls height depends on the customer’s requirements. Internal doors can be made out of solid wood, PVC or aluminum. Internal doors could be made of hardboard wood, plywood and solid wood, PVC or aluminum. Sliding systems are also available.

Windows can be made out of three-layered solid wood, PVC or aluminum. Each window could be covered with a wooden shutter. All the wooden surfaces are varnished. With high humidity air we recommend PVC or aluminum windows. The mounting and assembling technology do permit moving the house, dissembling the basic construction and the reassembling the house again. The house is mounted upon a reinforced concrete foundation.

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